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The Invincible Onion Family [May. 21st, 2004|08:36 am]


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Back when I lived at home, I had a 400-square foot garden- which is pretty big for being inside of the Chicago City Limits. I had taken it over from my mom when both a) I got old enough and b) she went back to work from raising me.

Inside said garden, there was a venerable old chive plant. It had survived for many a year and being moved around several times. This particular year, I had decided to both divide it (because it was getting too big) and to move it into the area I'd decided would be growing only herbs (since it was in the middle of the vegetable garden). I'd made this decision towards the very end of the growing season and so the chive plant had only time enough to get re-adjusted into it's new environment before the cold weather sent it into dormancy.

At the time, I didn't know what to do with the "culled" half of the chive plant, so I left it sitting on the back porch, bare-root, until I could come up with a use for it. Well, the cold weather set in pretty quickly that year and what with one thing or another going on at the time, I pretty much forgot about it and the snow covered it up for the winter.

When the snow melted in the spring, I was eager to hunt for signs of life in the garden as soon as the weather was mild enough. Well, I didn't really have to get as far as the garden to see some of those signs. I just had to look on the back porch. Lo and behold, that bare-root half of a chive plant started sprouting entirely on it's own.

Mother nature works in mysterious ways.

[User Picture]From: pookusmaximus
2006-03-05 01:34 am (UTC)
I love plants. Aren't they amazing? I know this is quite a bit late as a reponse, but I just found this community. I've actually just started a new community called quietsprout for gardening talk. I'm trying to get it going and am trolling for members off of defunct gardening groups. It would be nice to have you if you're interested.
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